‘Fruit Ninja’ Sells 1 Million Copies Worldwide, iPad Version Arrives July 11th

It’s always nice to see an iPhone game do well, and it’s also nice to see it do so well in less than 3 months.  To be more exact, in 74 days.  The 40-man team over at Halfbrick Studios have announced that they have finally sold 1 million copies of their addictive game Fruit Ninja after appearing in the top 10 Paid Apps Chart for more than a few months.

Fruit Ninja has definitely reached the mainstream, non-gamer crowd as well, as almost all of my amigos with iPhones or iPod Touches have this game loaded onto their device.  With its simple and aesthetic appeal, Fruit Ninja definitely has stolen the hearts of many including myself.

We can’t help but say congrats to Halfbrick for their achievement, and hopefully they’ll keep updating Fruit Ninja with more content.  Of course, not that they need to but it would be nice.

In other news, Halfbrick Studios is ramping up for an HD version of their popular fruit-slashing game, bringing HD graphics along with a new, splitscreen multiplayer mode.  It’ll definitely be interesting to see how it works out, as Fruit Ninja is gloriously played on my iPad by doubling the pixels.

The iPad version will be arriving on July 11th.

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