‘Xenome – Episode 1’: Upcoming Open-World 3D RPG

Xenome Episode 1 is coming to the App Store July 8th, and boy oh boy does this game look promising.  According to the details, Episode 1 will pit you as “The Scientist”, who has survived 250 years of cryrostasis at the center of the Silica Flats.

In the first episode, gamers will be able to complete over 60 missions along with collecting over 500 items, making this experience probably the most extensive of any episodical type of game (except for Battle for Wesnoth).  Here’s a full feature list of the game:

  • Enormous game world – over 5 square miles of territory to be explored, teeming with mutated creatures and other dangerous aberrations of nature.
  • Gain experience and wealth while performing missions and killing monsters.
  • Customize your character with abilities, stats and over 500 items that best suit your play style.
  • An engaging storyline that will take hours to unravel as you make your way through the wastelands.
  • Loaded with secrets for the adventurous. Enough creatures, missions and areas to keep you playing long after the main plot has unfolded.

Xenome Episode 1 will be released on July 8th, although the price is currently unannounced.  A ton of screenshots can be found on their website, and a gameplay video is available below.

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  1. The video there shows an old version of the game, the view distance in the current beta is alot further and there is less of this orange fog! 😉

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