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From Hell and Back: The iPhone 4 Line

So today was the day that Apple released its new phone iPhone 4, and today was also the day that I woke up at 3:00 AM to get in line for the release. Of course, my local mall didn’t open doors until 6 AM, and the Apple Store didn’t open until 7.

Here’s basically a chronology of events that happened today:

3:30 AM: Arrived at South Coast Plaza.

4:30 AM: Security guards leaves in his car. Only one is there to control the crowd. One guy decides to make a run for it, which makes the entire crowd make a mad dash for the mall doors (no, the mall is not open yet). Within this stampede of people, I was running and saw a person trip and totally faceplant into the ground.

5:00 AM: Someone decides to try and cut in line. One guy becomes furious and starts yelling a stream of words that… shouldn’t be repeated. It was quite scary and funny, at the same time, I must say.

6:00 AM: The security guards finally retained order and the doors were opened. They let in a couple of people at a time, while many were left outside to wait.

6:30 AM: A friend of mine arrives with some Sausage McMuffins and orange juice.

7:00 AM: Apple finally opens doors. I’m around #85 in line, so it’ll be a while until I get to the doors. Especially when employees are taking one or two people at a time.

7:30-ish AM: A nearby cafe handed out free water and drinks, along with some scones. It was quite nice of them I must say, although they did mention that Apple paid for all of the food.

10:30 AM: Went to go eat. Couldn’t stand the hunger, so I had two pancakes, some toast, fruits, breakfast potatoes, and bacon.

12:00 AM: I’m finally inside the Apple Store trying to set up my iPhone.

12:30 PM: I survived.

So there’s a chronicle of a firsthand account of the Apple Store lines. It took a VERY long time, so if you’re thinking about going there now, meh. I’m just glad all the security guards got everything sorted out, as it was getting a bit crazy. I took some pictures too, although the line doesn’t look as long as it actually was.

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