Steamballs Review: Limited, yet Addictive Match-3

Steamballs was released by one of the more up-and-down developers Digital Worlds, but Steamballs looked to have held a lot of promise.  Thankfully, the looks went along with the gameplay, providing a surprisingly solid match-3 experience.  While it seems like match-3s are getting review here more and more often, this one is actually one that’s worth checking out.

I hate match-3s given the sheer volume of them in the App Store, and I’m just tired of them.  But Steamballs gave something unique that wasn’t in any other ones before it, involving a system of pulleys and springs with the power of color mixed into the pool of balls.


Graphics: Visual presentation wasn’t too shabby at all, and although the button feedback could have been better, I liked the overall design.  The valves and pipes of steam really appealed to my sense of sight, and Digital Worlds did a more or less good job in this field.

Quick and fast: This is a match-3 that doesn’t take too much thinking, so you’ll be able to move from aisle to aisle quite speedily.  Of course, there’s a lot to think of in terms of where to place the ball so that you can get a match-3 and which color you want next.  But the gameplay itself was quick enough for me to play a few minutes, rest, few minutes, and so on.

Unique: I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a match-3 like this on the App Store before.  The whole premise of the game is to match the balls 3 in a row horizontally and 4 in a row vertically, but you won’t receive any points for matching balls vertically.  As you progress, more colors will appear, making the gameplay become more and more difficult as time passes.


Limited: The game is really limited to one game mode, and it’s questionable on how long this one game mode is really going to last.  For $2.99, it’s still a good deal, but just know what you’re getting into before purchasing.  I would love to see some more gameplay modes, especially for those people who can care less about the achievements.

Steamballs is a fun little match-3 that’s limited but enjoyable..  I had a splendid time with it, and I thought it was one of the more unique match-3s on the App Store.  Digital Worlds did a solid job with the game, and I couldn’t really have asked for more (other than the more gameplay modes like I mentioned early, of course).

Steamballs was developed by Digital Worlds, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $2.99.

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