Super Quickhook Grapples its way into the App Store

Super Quickhook, the long awaited second project by Rocketcat Games, has just been released into the app store.  Day of release bonus hat is available today only.  There is also a second hat for those that purchase the game during the its launch weekend.  Day one purchasers will receive both hats.  Super Quickhook sells for $1.99 during it’s initial launch period and for $2.99 after that window closes.

Super Quickhook is the spiritual successor to the consistently popular Hook Champ, an 8-bit style swinging game that differentiated itself from other games in the genre by giving the player multiple routes and hidden paths.  Super Quickhook moves the series forward into the 16-bit era with upgraded graphics and a new mode featuring a randomly generated path to swing through indefinitely.  The game also features the traditional non-random racing levels with no time limits.  Among the returning features from Hook Champ are achievements, the item shop, and OpenFeint Ghost races.

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