100 Rogues finally stable at 1.0.4

I loved 100 Rogues the moment I played it, but couldn’t help but fault the game for its many glitches when I reviewed the game at 1.0. The developers have been hard at work since the game released collecting and addressing bug reports, making stability improvements, and adjusting the balance of the game. Their efforts have culminated in today’s release of the 1.0.4 update, which finally stands the game on its own two feet without crutches. The specifics of the update follow:

New Content:
The Gingerbread Man! Keep an eye out for this guy, he can provide a filling and energizing windfall

Balance Changes:
The crusader’s Heal spell no longer heals beyond max as effectively
Magic Crystals set to only accept one skill point, with skill effects balanced accordingly
Amafyst made more accurate, less damaging

Bug Fixes
Modest stability improvements
Armor Enchantments now properly apply armor buff
Martyrin’ no longer occasionally unapplies twice for a single application, bringing armor negative
Issues related to the intro cutscene have been alleviated (still relevant, even without 4.0 / 3.2-specific support)

With these improvements having finally been implemented, I have also returned to my original 100 Rogues review and upgraded my rating from ‘Buy’ to ‘Must Have’, the rating the game would have had at 1.0 if not for the many problems — problems that now are fixed.

Now more than ever, 100 Rogues is a game that deserves your attention. Also, be sure to check out NoDpad’s 100 Rogues Strategy Guide!

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