Marine Blue Giveaway

IndieApps — makers of Heavy Mach 2 (which we loved) — has released their latest project, Marine Blue for the iPhone and Marine Blue HD for the iPad. And we’ve got codes to give away to our readers!

Marine Blue is an underwater, casual shooter reminiscent of Missile Command. It’s not particularly deep, but it is a good bit of fun. Manning a cannon at the bottom of the sea, players tap targets above to blow them out of the water. More than 20 enemies await your rockets, including scuba piggies, propeller propelled puppies, mini subs and more. Wipe out schools of fish to collect power-ups, then use your powers to turn the schools into piranhas to attack your foes. Shoot targets in rapid succession to build combos and amass points for high scores before time runs out! It’s just about as zany as it sounds. The game is fun for all ages, but I can see it being especially enjoyable for youngsters; if you often hand off your iPhone or iPad to your child or younger sibling, Marine Blue is sure to be a hit.

So, how can you get the game for free? Because Marine Blue is an underwater game, and because we like to have a good time, we’re looking for your best original, shark-themed one-liners! Simply post your one-liners in our forum thread for the giveaway, and let us know whether you have an iPhone, an iPad or both. We have three promo codes for the iPhone version, and two more for the HD iPad version. I will be selecting winners early next week, so hit me with a zinger!

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