I-Play Outrageous Summer Sale: Great Titles on Sale

I-Play is going all out for summer, and they’ve put 18 of their games on sale for $0.99.  Most of them are good deals, but here are a few that should really be looked into.

Artist Colony: This game received a Must Have award from us, so for $0.99, I suggest you go ahead and pick this up now.  Because it’s just awesome, no questions about it.

World Championship Pool 2009: For those looking for some pool games on the App Store, this one is pretty solid.  For $0.99, I think this is the best deal you’ll find.  Of course, if you want to spend a bit more, I would suggest Namco’s Pool Pro Online.

Fast and Furious the Game: It’s a competent racer that’s not too short on action or speed.  Sure, the graphics aren’t as good as they could be, and it’s not a AAA racing title.  But for $0.99, it’s hard to complain for an overall solid experience.

Turbo Subs: This game is quite frantic, and for those into time-management games should be heading on over to the App Store right now.  I liked the game, it has a lot going for it, and it shouldn’t disappoint at the current sale price.

Full list of games on sale:

  • Paradise Quest
  • Artist Colony
  • PDC World Darts Championship
  • Hip Hop All Star
  • National Geographic’s Plan It Green – The Game
  • Turbo Subs
  • Apocolyptos
  • Ronnie O’ Sullivan Snooker
  • Steve Davis Online Pool
  • Fast & Furious the Game
  • I-play 3D Bowling
  • Dream day Wedding: Manhattan
  • National Geographic: Kingdom of the Blue Whale
  • World Championship Pool 2009
  • iMusic Puzzle
  • Blend the Boss
  • Pillowfight Girls
  • Paper Boat Race

You can check out all the games here.

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