Destroy9 and Destroy9 Alien FREE Today

Naomicsoft’s Destroy9 and Destroy9 Alien are FREE today. Defense games with a sci-fi theme, the games pit Earth forces against alien invaders. Players take control of the Earth forces in Destroy9, and the aliens in Destroy9 Alien.

Borrowing from the castle defense genre, the player’s task is to send out various types of soldiers in an attempt to overwhelm the enemy, who is doing the same. The ultimate goal is to penetrate the enemy’s front line and destroy their ship before they do the same to you. What makes Destroy9 really cool, though, is that players can designate any soldier as their Leader, taking direct control over that unit on the field. A simple castle defense game suddenly becomes and action title, as you control your fighter while constantly deploying additional forces for support.

Both Destroy9 and Destroy9 Alien are well worth checking out for the reasonable price of FREE. Get’em while you can!

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