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Hands-on Preview with ‘Carnivores’ for iPhone

You may be familiar with the PC version, which is more than a decade old now, but it’s surprisingly being revived on the iPhone.  In collaboration with Tatem Games and Action Forms, Carnivores has been successfully ported over to the iPhone, and I was able to get the inside scoop and receive a preview build for this once great and stil great game.

If you’re not familiar with Carnivores, the whole point of the game is to hunt dinosaurs.  You have many different maps to chose from, a list of dinosaurs you want to hunt, and a couple of weapons to chose from.  The weapons include the X-Bow, Pistol, Shotgun, Double-barreled shotgun, Rifle, and Sniper Rifle.

Carnivores also includes a survival mode in which you’re equipped with some sort of rifle and must shoot at the incoming dinosaurs.  You can’t move around, and you have to shoot all the dinosaurs before they reach you… and eventually pummel you to the ground or eat your flesh.

Carnivores will also implement the Plus+ network, a good measure for replay value and such.  The game does start to get difficult as you progress, and the bigger dinosaurs you hunt, the harder they become.  The T-Rex seems to be one of the most difficult dinosaurs to kill (obviously), and it can only die by shooting it in the eye.

I had a lot of fun with the preview build, and it’s definitely something that should be on everyone’s wish list.  Even if you haven’t played the PC game (that’s me), you’ll have a blast playing Carnivores.  It does start off a bit slow, and the maps are quite large, but I guarantee atleast 4 hours of solid fun.

Carnivores will be launching on the iPhone soon for $5.99, and a lite version will shortly follow.

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