180 Review: You spin my head right round, Right Round…

Match-3 is getting old.  I’m serious, I honestly do not believe the App Store can take on anymore of that genre.  If it does, I expect the App Store to explode and die.

So with that said, where does that leave 180?  And to that I say: not in the “causing the App Store to explode and die category”.  Sure, the game is more than generic, and its idea has already been used before (check out bitFlip).  The art style is far from “original” either, as it looks quite simple and typical of any Japanese or Asian game.

That seems to be the problem for most match-3 games on the App Store, being generic, but the game is actually pretty fun.  bitFlip was missing extra gameplay modes along with social network implementation, but 180 nails both quite nicely with OpenFeint and three different gameplay modes along with two difficulty levels.


OpenFeint: This is honestly the only reason I keep playing this game over and over.  If you’re not an achievement whore, then this is one game that just isn’t for you.  I highly doubt you’ll last very long.

Fast-paced: This is one of the faster paced games on the App Store, and it will leave you on the edge of the seat, shooting marbles (or whatever those circles are) with lightning speed.  I could actually feel my heart beating pretty fast towards the end of the game when you could see the marbles slowly closing into the finish line.


I’ve seen this before: I don’t think the developers knew they were creating an already-made gameplay experience, but they did.  As I mentioned before, the art style looks quite similar to things I’ve seen also, and the gameplay modes are typical of any match-3 game.

180 is what it is: a match-3 game that’s simple but challenging.  It is another match-3, and it is another game with OpenFeint, and it’s one that I thought I wouldn’t exactly enjoy.  With the tiring amount of match-3s in the App Store, 180 isn’t a refreshing or new experience.  But it is an enjoyable experience, and it’s one I’ve had a lot of fun with.  Just note that if you’re not an achievement whore like me, replay value will vary.

180 was developed by Headcase Games, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $1.99, and there is a lite version to try before you buy.

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