Robot Unicorn Attack Review: It doesn’t feel like Kansas anymore

I’ve seen some ridiculous flash games during my time, and while I’m not a person who’s obsessed with them, I do find myself playing them every once in a while.  Surprisingly, Robot Unicorn Attack is one that has been on my radar after playing for a couple of minutes on my computer, but it’s definitely not the typical blood-and-gore, manly type of game.

The premise of Robot Unicorn Attack is quite simple: avoid the obstacles, run as far as possible.  You’ll have large, silver stars blocking your path along with the fact that you must jump somewhat perfectly so as not to crash into the wall.  It’s a challenging game that’s highly addictive, although missing features are holding this promising game back.


Addictive: Even with the “missing features”, Robot Unicorn Attack is highly addictive.  This game is one that will get you to come back for more, even to the point of worrying about having to get other things done before playing.  Robot Unicorn Attack is an addictive experience that most will appreciate.

Controls: The controls were fluid and easy to learn.  They’re quite simple, and this is one area that shouldn’t be broken in the first place.

Smooth transition: Adult Swim Games did a solid job of porting the flash game onto the iPhone.  I see little differences other than the visuals, and they did a good job of preserving what was good about the game.  While it would have been nice to add some more features, the game itself made a very smooth transition.


Online leaderboards: The lack of online leaderboards is quite appalling to me.  You would think that games such as this would try to maximize replay value and add some more features in there, but unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case.  An update may arrive, who knows, but for now know that there are no online leaderboards whatsoever.

Artwork: I thought the artwork was a bit on the low quality side, and the visuals could have been improved.  The computer version is very flashy and whatnot, and while I’m not expecting that type of visual, Robot Unicorn Attack just needs to look better.

Robot Unicorn Attack is a highly-addictive game that could have been better with the implementation of online leaderboards and some sort of competition.  I don’t really find myself competing unless it’s against other people, and I’m usually one of the most competitive people among my group of friends.  The artwork is also an area of question, as the visuals are far from high quality or elite.  Still, it’s a good game for anyone looking to waste away a couple of minutes in the land of rainbows.

Robot Unicorn Attack was developed by Adult Swim, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $2.99, and you can check out the free flash game here.

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