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‘Despicable Me: Minion Mania’ Coming to iPhone and iPad

The first time I saw the trailer for Despicable Me I was located inside a movie theater awaiting to watch the eventually awesome Clash of the Titans (say what you will, I liked the movie).  I was itching to know more about the movie though, as it was only a teaser trailer, and it only showed the character in a white surrounding.

But the character was just so… cute for lack of a better word.  And fortunately, that cuteness is coming to the iPhone.

Namco’s Despicable Me: Minion Mania is an addictive puzzle adventure game that invites players to become one of the world’s greatest super villains through 20 stages of non-stop entertainment.  Specifically, players command an army of Gru’s tireless Minions through his top secret laboratory training them for his next big heist.  Gru’s gadgets are employed in creative combinations to assist with the completion of each mission.

A lite version for the game will be releasing on June 7th (this Monday), and the full version will be released on June 28th.  Of course, the lite version will be free for everyone to try out.  As for the iPad version, it is slated for a July 7th release.

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