PosiMotion’s Helix Gaming Grip – Make Your iDevice Feel Like a Console

The PosiMotion Helix Gaming Grip ($19.99) is simply incredible; it fits in the hands like a dream.  I’m a large guy, 6’5’’ in stature, and so holding my iPod Touch has always been a bit difficult, as part of my thumbs/fingers tend to block the screen a little.  While using this grip, though, I haven’t had that issue at all; I’ve been very comfortable.  Users and gamers will feel more at home with this, as it makes playing the iPod/iPhone much more natural in feeling- the accelerometer based games feel more precise with tilting, and it makes playing touch games feel much more like holding the familiar Playstation or XBOX controllers.

I have used it with a multitude of games including F.A.S.T., Real Racing, Jet Car Stunts, Street Fighter IV, Skate It, X2 Snowboarding, and COD Zombies.  Each one of these games has felt loads easier to play with the attachment, and I’ve been able to achieve better scores on some pickup and play style games as well.

The attachment allows for both landscape and portrait view, and firmly locks your iDevice into place- there’s no chance it’s going anywhere.  As well as this, purchase of the grip comes with a code that will allow you to download a game called Twisted Abyss upon release (any day now), and the game is slated to be a $9.99 purchase.


Comfort: I’ve touched on this already, but it really feels natural in the hands, and allows for much easier gaming.  Rather than feeling like you’re playing games on an iPod, it feels like you’re playing video games on an actual system.

Style: It looks sleek, and also provides a way to play both landscape and portrait games by performing an easy switch in direction for the iPod/iPhone.

Price: People will complain that this is $20, but think about this- it’s like buying a controller, but for something that is handheld.  Really you’d pay more than half that for a case, and this firmly holds your iDevice in place while you game to your hearts content.


Case: You have to remove your case to use this, and with some that can be a hassle.

Portability: While sleek in design, and a good size, you can’t bring this everywhere with you in your pocket.  That’s okay, though, as it easily fits in a backpack or bag.  Or even a briefcase!  Just not a pocket.

The PosiMotion Helix Gaming Grip is available for $19.99 at Best Buy, and you can find more info about it and see it in action on PosiMotion’s page HERE.  It is incredibly comfortable and makes the entire gaming experience much better, and is definitely worth the purchase if you have $20 to spare.   I used it with my 1G iPod Touch running 3.1.3.  NOTE: We received a product for review.

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