Edge Review: Worth the Wait

After struggling for a very long time over legal issues regarding its name, Mobigame has finally re-released Edge back into the app store.  Edge is a puzzle game that asks you to navigate your way through a 3-dimensional puzzle to get to the goal as fast as you can with as few deaths as possible, while collecting as many bonuses as you can.  While its simple design sounds rather dreary, what you find is a surprisingly satisfying puzzle at every turn.


Puzzles: The puzzles in Edge are simply fantastic. I never felt that I was cheated or robbed of victory when I fell off a platform.  Simply masterful design.

Grading after completing each puzzle gives the player strong incentive (and in my case desire) to replay past levels to go for S rankings.  This adds immeasurable amount of replay value.

Art style: Normally, very simple graphic design does not fly with me.  However, I found that there was something truly magical in the design philosophy that left me with a pleasant feeling after each level.

The menu system is also very slick and simple looking with tiny strobing splashes of color that emphasize what you are looking at.

Control: All three basic control schemes are well represented. You can choose to tap the direction you want your cube to go, tilt the device, or use the virtual dpad.  While all three work very well, I found myself using the virtual dpad the most.

Sound: The bleeps and bloops of the sound effects remind me very much so of Lumines for the PSP. The music is also very upbeat and fresh.  Very high fidelity even out of the iDevice speaker.



Edge is quite possibly one of those elusive perfect games players spend years looking for.  I simply cannot get enough of this masterpiece.  Virtually perfect in every way, Edge is without a doubt an absolute must own.

Mobigame’s Edge was developed by Mobigame, and I played through version 1.44 of the game on my iPod Touch 3G (OS 3.1.2).  The current price point of the game is $2.99.

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