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Deliverace Now ‘Reckless Racing’, Finished with Development

We posted a preview of Reckless Racing a while ago, and since then, we haven’t heard too much about it.  Fortunately, the developer has updated their website with the following:

Much has happened the last few weeks; a new track made it into the game, the delivery mode had a makeover, the UI was final…ized, a casual game mode was added, Polarbit’s cross-platform online community support was added and much more… The game is finally finished and we are just waiting for QA approval now.

Of course, that means submission isn’t too far away, maybe even 1-2 weeks from today.  If this is your first time hearing about the game, be sure to check out our preview post.

Update: Changed the title from “Deliverance” to “Deliverace”.

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