Battle for Wesnoth Episode 5 Released

This is probably the best bang for the buck, eh?  If you picked up Battle for Wesnoth at $0.99, you’ll be delighted to know that Episode 5 has been released, adding more than 10 hours of gameplay.  The game already has more than 500 hours of gameplay packed in, so I highly doubt you’ll be running out of content for this one.

Here’s the list of updated features:

  • new undead campaign with 10+ hours of gameplay
  • bonus game: “Solo Tower Defence”
  • massive framerate increase!!
  • saved game syncing with desktop versions
  • full in-game unit info popups
  • time of day terrain shading
  • can quickly double tap to move
  • reduced loading times
  • redone “choose an option” dialog, to make way for more RPG campaigns
  • fixed all terrain rendering glitches

If you haven’t picked it up yet, I suggest you do so right now.  It’s still worth the $4.99 asking price, and I’m assuming more episodes are on their way.  If you’re still skeptical, be sure to check out our review of the game, although the lag and framerate issues seem to have been fixed.

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of the game costs $4.99 each.

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One thought on “Battle for Wesnoth Episode 5 Released

  1. This is the most awesome TBS on the device, by about 10 times over. I can’t believe it was ever selling for $1. The $5 I paid for it seem like the best deal I ever got on the app store!

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