‘Spirit Hunter Minkeo’: An Upcoming Rogue-like from ChronoSoft

We here at NoDPad fell in love with rogue-likes after the release of 100 Rogues on the App Store (although we’ve been fans of it on other platforms).  And it seems like ChronoSoft, the developers of Rogue Touch, are planning to release yet another game on the App Store sooner or later called Spirit Hunter Minkeo.

They’ve released a small gameplay trailer showing off the artwork and parts of the gameplay, but it seems like details are quite scarce at this moment.

Notes from the developer:

  • At least the 4 major environments will be seen in your primary game. There are a few secret bonus lands I have ideas for that may or may not make the initial cut. Each of the major environments has its own random generator for unique look and feel. Most importantly, each environment provides new exploration tactics, new combat tactics, and new room features to interact with, in addition to looking pretty!
  • At least 30 types of monster will be found in the game, each monster species is fully animated and has unique attributes and special abilities to keep you on your toes!
  • Lots of varied equipment and items. I’m going to remain hushed about this and the magic system for a while longer
  • The “main” game will be between 30 and 40 levels long, depending on how the gameplay balance feels. A “post-game” scenario is planned for people who need more Mineko while awaiting a sequel.

The video has been embedded below.

[via Toucharcade]

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