Cubed Rally Racer Review: Life on the Edge… Literally

The phrase “living life on the edge” usually means that you’re living life… with a lot of risks.  You’re an undercover cop, an FBI agent; something that involves you almost getting killed a bazillion times.  And that’s exactly what Cubed Rally Racer portrays here: you dying or almost dying a bazillion quintillion times.

The premise of the game is simple and enjoyable, and OpenFeint is definitely a nice touch, but overall the game is far from the highest recommendation, as there are some problems holding it back, such as the difficulty level.  The controls worked surprisingly well, but again, difficulty seems to be the main issue here.


Random tracks: Race 05 won’t be the same track if you exit and enter the game again, neither will Race 01, 02, 03, 04… etc.  I think that definitely adds to the replay value of the game, and while not too much, it’s still a nifty little feature that I thought was creative.  Some may like just one track and to beat the time on that track, but I think that this added a new level of creativity.

Graphics: The cubed look really appeals to my eyes, and the style is just great.  The artist or whoever designed the game did a phenomenal job with making the game look unique, and it’s probably one of my favorite art styles on the App Store right now.  Phenomenal job, couldn’t have done much better.


Difficulty: This is where the game starts to fall apart.  There is a huge learning curve along with a somewhat high difficulty level, making for a quite frustrating game.  It felt very similar to Jet Car Stunts in that it was more of a trial and error type of game, along with the fact that you’ll be dying constantly over and over and over again.

Lack of multiplayer: Multiplayer options would have been nice, even WiFi or Bluetooth would suffice.  For now, it’s a single-player game against… well yourself.

Crash: Now most games usually just crash and exit to the homescreen.  But according to my time with Cubed Rally Racer, it actually crashed my entire phone, causing it to restart and all that jazz.  It may just have to do with my jailbroken device, but after the crash, my game didn’t exactly save.  I had to restart from Race 05 after reaching Race 08.

Cubed Rally Racer could be a great game if it includes some new game modes, multiplayer, and a huge cutdown on the difficulty and trial-and-error gameplay.  The visuals are probably some of my favorite on the App Store, and the random tracks added some replay value.  Overall, Cubed Rally Racer is just an okay game; casual gamers may find it a bit frustrating and ultimately quit for some other game.

Cubed Rally Racer was developed by NoCanWin, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $1.99.

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