Chillingo Releases: ‘Assault Squadron’ and ‘Pirate’s Treasure’ Out Now

Both are games we’ve had hands-on previews for (Assault Squadron, Pirate’s Treasure), and both are games that we thought had promise.  Assault Squadron, in the beta build I played, showed huge promise as one of the best top-down shooters I’ve played in the App Store so far, although I haven’t tried too many.

The object of Pirate’s Treasure is to, of course, collect as many treasure as possible.  But it’s not as easy as it sounds, as you always have odd-looking creatures guarding these valuable pieces of gold and jewels.

Ahoy mateys! As beautiful as Treasure Island is, you wouldn’t want to vacation there. It’s packed with all kinds of murderuous scallywags including the Grim Reaper himself! Combining elements of RPG, exploration and all-out blasting mayhem, Pirate’s Treasure takes you on an enjoyable quest to recover riches from creatures both natural and magical. Prepare to battle boss enemies that are too massive to fit on the screen!

Pirate’s Treasure was a little bit generic, with many similarities to Minigore and Guerrilla Bob, but the graphics were stunning and the gameplay isn’t too bad.  Dual-stick shooter junkies should be more than happy with this title, and at $1.99, it’s not too shabby.  It is on an introductory sale though, so be sure to pick it up before it goes back up in price.

Assault Squadron, on the other hand, is about how the earth is under attack, and you are part of the Elite Squadron sent out the combat these so-called “unknown aircraft”, although it’s quite obvious that they are some sort of alien race.  The graphics were very well made in the preview build I received, and action wasn’t short at all.

Assault Squadron is priced at $2.99, while Pirate’s Treasure is priced at $1.99 for a limited time introductory sale.

Assault Squadron

Pirate’s Treasure

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