‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2010’: New details and Screenshots

Konami has posted over on their blog more information regarding Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, an upcoming soccer game that will challenge X2 Soccer 2010 and Real Soccer 2010.  I didn’t enjoy X2 Soccer 2010 too much because of its poor animations and laggy-ness, so PES 2010 definitely has a chance to beat out the rest and be at the top.

It’s only a matter of “Will Konami take the App Store seriously?”  So far, they haven’t proven themselves as the top developer; in fact, I usually avoid their App Store games due to the poor controls, gameplay, or all the core ideals that makes a game great.  From the screenshots and the explanation of the controls, it looks like Konami may be taking the App Store more seriously.  Only time will tell, but here are a few words on the new control method:

The “one-touch” AI assisted control mode had been met with great success in our previous opuses of PES mobile, we were going to adapt this idea to the uniqueness of the iPhone platform. And, believe it or not, we have designed and implemented a control mode with no virtual buttons, no virtual pad and no virtual keyboard… The unique one-touch mode with accelerometer and multi-touch comes with great AI assistance so to ensure the best possible gameplay experience. This is a new way of approaching controls for a football game. Of course we have more “core gamer” controls as well, with virtual buttons and all, allowing you to perform pretty much all of the PES “classic moves”!

It’s a lot to digest, but it’s definitely interesting.  Your player will be controlled via accelerometer, and there will be a one-touch control for both passing, shooting, etc.  There are also the classic d-pad or joystick control method implemented, so no worries there.

From the sounds of it, PES 2010 looks to be shaping up quite nicely.  We’ll have more information as they become available, but check out these two new screenshots.

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