Hands-on with ‘Pirate’s Treasure’ from Chillingo

Dying to get my hands on this title, I set out on a quest via email to receive a hands-on build for Pirate’s Treasure.  To get there, I travelled through the somewhat cluttered space known as the desktop, then rode the wave known as the dock, and finally reached the port known as Mail.  After talking to the mail client, I was able to send along a message to Chillingo, begging for some reinforcements, as my mind was about to rebel if I didn’t provide it with what it wanted: a dual-stick shooter for the iPhone.

Ok, so maybe it didn’t exactly go that way, but either way, I was able to get some hands-on time with Pirate’s Treasure, an upcoming dual-stick shooter that takes place in an island of bugs and ferocious monsters, and you’re the pirate collecting all the gold and money for yer ship (please note that yer is, in fact, a word… for pirates).

It’s somewhat hard to describe Pirate’s Treasure other than the fact that it seems to be a mix of Minigore and Guerrilla Bob, then mixed around to create another theme for the dual-stick shooter genre.  The health system works very similarly to Minigore, in which your appearance will change for however many times you get hit.

There’s also a campaign mode, which consists of over 60 levels (from what I see), and it should provide you with many hours of game time.  Pirate’s Treasure did start to get repetitive, although I’m not sure if it will be like that once it launches on the App Store.

The main selling point of the game seems to be the graphics, which are bright and very appealing to the eye.  The developers did a great job with the visual part of the game, and the cartoony artwork definitely works with the overall theme.

Other gameplay elements include increasing your pirate’s stats with the coins that you earn, including the rate of fire, movement, luck, and the power of the demon.  The demon is a creature which you can turn into once you gather enough power, similar to Minigore’s little “clover rage”.

The build I received doesn’t seem to have a survival mode, although it may be something that appears after you’ve finished the game.

Overall, Pirate’s Treasure is a good-looking dual-stick shooter that I’m looking forward to playing once it hits the App Store.  It looks good, sounds decent, and plays like you would expect.  It mixes both Minigore and Guerrilla Bob into a different game experience, and while it didn’t strike me as exceptional, it is something that should be on any iPhone gamer’s radar.

Pirate’s Treasure has been submitted to the App Store, so it should be appearing anytime soon.

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