Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior Review: Liven up your Chi

Bruce Lee is one of the game changers when it comes to martial arts, as he basically changed kung fu and transformed it into what is known today as kickboxing. He was a master in martial arts though, and I still believe that Bruce Lee would defeat Jackie Chan in a martial arts showdown any day.

So when one of my favorite fighters of all time comes to the iPhone, I can’t help but jump on it. If you’ve seen the game on the App Store, you’ll notice right off the bat that the graphics are impressive, it looks tempting, and the game description makes the game sound tantalizing.

And this is one of the few times that the game description described the game accurately: a masterpiece of the 3D martial arts genre.


Graphics: The graphics consist of probably some of the best 3D graphics I’ve seen on the iPhone wherever fighting is concerned. The shading, character animations, and the background visuals were all pretty detailed for a mobile phone, and I was extremely impressed with the aesthetics. Like Bruce Lee was a game-changer in martial arts, his video game is a game-changer for the App Store.

Extensive moves: There are a TON of moves to chose from, with over 8 different high kicks, 8 different low kicks, 8 different high punches, and 8 different low punches. Please note I said about, as you may give or take a few. Those are only the special attacks though, as there are grabs, ending moves, and other different types of attacks in the game. You also have your standard high kick, low kick, high punch, and low punch included. Among all fighting games, Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior seems to have the most extensive moves list I’ve seen so far.

Content: I’ve just spent over 3 hours straight playing the story mode, and I don’t see an end to it. There’s also an arcade, time attack, versus, survival, and training ground gameplay modes. I highly doubt you’ll feel empty after beating the story mode, and replay value shouldn’t be a problem with this game. I’m highly impressed with the amount of content packed into a game that is being sold on the App Store, where casual games and bite size snacks rule.

Controls: While there were some questions with the accuracy and sensitivity of the controls, overall they worked pretty well. I don’t think many of you will find them frustrating, and they executed the moves adequately. They aren’t the best, and there definitely are better controls out there (see Street Fighter IV), but Indiagames created a control method that works.

Style editor: This is one of the coolest features of the game. You have the ability to customize the types of moves that you do, and you earn moves every time you level up. It does take many long hours to gather all the moves, but it’s definitely an interesting way to “become” the characters you conquer. It’s a feature that I haven’t quite seen in other fighting games, and it’s one that works.


Lack of multiplayer: I’ve been having fun with the single player too much to worry about the multiplayer modes, but it’s definitely worth noting for those looking to face their friends or family. There aren’t any options for multiplayer, neither bluetooth nor WiFi is included, and it would have been a nice option to put this game over the already over the top gameplay.

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior is simply one of the best fighters I’ve played on the iPhone. It’s got an easy-to-follow storyline, adequate controls, beautiful graphics, and an overall enjoyable gameplay experience. I was totally taken aback by how great the game was, and for those looking for a good beat ’em up, pick this up. Like right now.

Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior was developed by Indiagames, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS. The price is $4.99.

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2 thoughts on “Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior Review: Liven up your Chi

  1. Thanks for the article Daniel!
    The game is amazing, totally new side of semi-realistic martial arts fighting with a touch of cartoon … as you say a TON of moves and hours for 5 bucks totally recommended

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