Zombie Infection Review: Give me your blood… please?

Gameloft is notoriously known for stealing popular games’ ideas and creating their own form of it on the App Store.  You can’t really blame or fault them though, as if they don’t do it, who will?  But this time, they’re bringing a game experience that’s familiar on the App Store: Resident Evil.

Capcom has already released both Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Degeneration onto the App Store, both of which were actually pretty decent.  But Gameloft, seeing the desires of some wanting some more Resident Evil on the iPhone, have released their newest third-person shooter Zombie Infection.

Zombie Infection takes place somewhere in Latin America in which working conditions have been questioned.  You are the character (you play both a man and a woman) that was sent to investigate the reported poor working conditions, and you start to discover that the working conditions are worse than expected; the workers have actually turned into zombies.  Your job is to find the origin of this zombie outbreak (hmm… haven’t heard that one before).

While the storyline is a little bit weak, the game isn’t short on action, as you’ll be fighting off zombie after zombie, with the inclusion of some zombie-fied animals.  It would have been nice for Gameloft to create some original IPs instead of console copies, but hey, atleast they make them well.


Graphics: The environments were quite colorful, and I was impressed with the graphics.  Gameloft usually does this part of the game correctly, and I was mostly drawn to the game by its looks.  The characters and enemies are very detailed, and I didn’t find many areas that were pixelated.

Controls: The controls were smooth and easy to use, and I didn’t have much trouble with it.  This is one area of concern that shouldn’t be one, as Gameloft has done a solid job of delivering comfortable and smooth controls.  For those not acquainted with the shooting mechanics of Resident Evil, you may have some getting-used-to time before becoming comfortable with the controls.  That’s only a maybe, and I didn’t have any problems with the game.

Replay Value: Luckily, Gameloft has included a Survival mode for those that have beat the single-player campaign mode.  It should provide with atleast some replay value, although there doesn’t seem to be leaderboards or any reason for competition within this area.  Still, I’m glad Gameloft included something for gamers to play upon completion.


Difficulty: The game does get difficult, even on the easy setting.  I found myself dying time and time again, and it did start to get frustrating every once in a while.  I would usually just quit out of the game until I felt like playing it again, but some may find the game a little bit frustrating to even think about going back.

Unoriginality: This seems to be a problem with most of Gameloft games, and Zombie Infection is obviously not exempt from it.  It’s a well-made game, I just think that it should be time for Gameloft to create some original games.

Zombie Infection is a well-made zombie-shooter with high production values, great graphics, and an overall solid gameplay experience.  Sure, the difficulty could do with some tweaking and it’s definitely unoriginal, but I can’t complain when Gameloft does a good job in bringing an RE-like experience to the App Store.

Zombie Infection was developed by Gameloft, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $6.99.

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