Pac-Man turns 30 Years Old, Fire Sale on the App Store

By now, we should all know that Pac-Man has turned 30 years old (link only good for May 21st, 2010), as it was first released all the way back in 1980.  Sadly, I wasn’t born to witness the birth of one of the large game icons in history, but of course, I’ve played the game through the years from the arcade to the iPhone.

It’s a unique game that many are still fascinated by, and while I’m not very good at it, I remember spending so many coins on the arcade machines, probably spending more than $20 on one sit through.  This game icon surviving for 30 years is quite a large feat, and we definitely congratulate Namco for passing that milestone.

But we’re not the only ones happy for Namco, as Namco themselves seem to be in a great mood.  They’ve lowered the price of some of the Pac-Man games in the App Store to $0.99, while the original iPhone and iPad version went down to $3.99.

Pac-Man Games on Sale

Along with the fire sale, Namco has announced their upcoming Pac-Man title Pac-Match Party, which is described as, “Collect gifts or chomp on cakes and power pellets to get through this PAC-MAN-themed Match-3 title.”

We don’t have much more info other than that tidbit, but it should be available soon.

The fire sale for all Pac-Man games will end on Sunday, May 23rd, so I suggest you pick up whatever you want to pick up now before the price goes back up.  Among them, I can definitely recommend Pac-Man Championship Edition.

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