‘Fruit Ninja’ Update: Zen Mode, Combos, and More

Fruit Ninja is one of the best casual games on the App Store, sitting quite nicely right next to Flight Control as my all time favorites.  But the best gets even better with yet another update, which includes a Zen Mode, added points for combos, and new fruits: limes and red apples.

The Zen mode included in this update is an all new gameplay mode that consists of only fruits, meaning those pesky bombs won’t be in the way of your uber awesome combos.  You have 90 seconds to chop the most fruit as possible, with of course, the combos playing into the whole game.  I’ve only reached 190 after the first try, and if you reach 200, you’ll unlock the achievement for the Zen mode.

The combos system basically works like this: you have to slice as many fruit simultaneously with one slash.  So if you slash 2 fruits at the same time you get +2 points, 3 fruits +3, and so on and so forth.  It’s a simple system that should help for people aiming for the highest score.

The only new achievement I saw was the Zen mode one in which you have to reach 200 points.  But still, this is probably one of the biggest and best updates so far for Fruit Ninja, and I’m excited to see what else the developers have in store.

If you haven’t picked up Fruit Ninja yet, I suggest you pick it up right now for $0.99.  Halfbrick Studios, the developers of Fruit Ninja, have also released a new trailer for the release of version 1.2.

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