Upcoming Chillingo Dual-Stick Shooter ‘Pirate’s Treasure’

Dual-stick shooters are probably the most popular genre of games on the App Store to date, and I, for one, can never get enough of them.  I’m usually drawn to the dual-stick shooters that look decent, including those like Minigore and Geometry Wars: Touch, so Pirate’s Treasure took just one screenshot to get me interested.

Pirate’s Treasure, according to Chillingo, will be including RPG elements along with awesome dual-stick shooter action.  They’ve released a trailer for the game, which describes the game as including exploration and “all-out blasting mayhem”.  Boss battles will also be included in this upcoming title, and you can find some more gameplay details below.

We do know that you won’t have to wait long though, as it is planned for release around mid-next week.  So stay tuned, it should be here before you know it.  Check out their website for more information.

Gameplay details:

  • amazing 3D graphics squeeze everything out of ye device
  • endless replayability in campaign and challenge modes
  • balanced gameplay with easy, normal and hero modes
  • the perfect mixture of survival and RPG gaming
  • find gold or win it on the slot machine to upgrade ye character
  • non-linear story
  • 9 eye-patch-melting graphic themes
  • more than 50 stages (true sea dogs will find more)
  • online scores and achievements
  • more gold than ye can find anywhere else

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