‘Steam Pirates’ Released by Makers of ‘Mecho Wars’

Mecho Wars is arguably one of the best turn-based strategy games on the App Store, with online multiplayer, an extensive campaign mode, and many different units that add a lot of variety to the gameplay.  And after almost… has it been a year?… since announcement, Steam Pirates has finally been released on the App Store.

Unlike Mecho Wars, Steam Pirates has a mix of RPG and platforming elements, along with the implementation of mini-games to create a somewhat varying experience.  The battles are all carried through a turn-based style, which should be quite familiar to those that have played Final Fantasy or Chaos Rings on the iPhone.

The game description claims that Steam Pirates will provide anywhere from 6-8 hours of content and the exploration of a total of seven islands.  Steam Pirates is available in the App Store now for $2.99.


Steam Pirates has been removed from the App Store due to a bug.  A patch has been submitted, and the game should be available again soon.  For those who have already purchased the game, this patch will be available for download for free, as it will appear as an update.

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2 thoughts on “‘Steam Pirates’ Released by Makers of ‘Mecho Wars’

  1. I saw it on the app store but couldn’t download it over 3G due to the cap. When I got home, it was no longer available! I can’t find any info on it anywhere else but here. Anyone know what gives?

  2. Hey Jeffrey, seems like there was a bug in the game, so the developer removed it from the App Store. It will return once a patch has been released for Steam Pirates.

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