Disney’s ‘Split/Second’ Released onto the App Store

Disney‘s arcade racer Split/Second has been released onto the App Store, and I can’t help but be excited.  Although it doesn’t look as flashy or amazing as the console version, it still looks good enough to compete with the others in the App Store.  The screenshots in the App Store don’t seem to do the game any justice, though, and you can find some real ones below.

But the content doesn’t seem to be plentiful, with only 3 locations and 9 tracks from the console version.  It also comes at a whopping $6.99, a price tag most will be cautious with.  It also comes with 15 different cars and online, Bluetooth, and WiFi multiplayer.

We can only see if the online multiplayer works well and the single-player campaign is long enough, but from the sounds of it, it may or may not be worth the asking price.  I don’t want to make any judgements before playing it though, so you can see the game on iTunes to judge for yourselves.

[images via Slidetoplay]

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