Crazy Test Review: Bring in the LOLCats

WarioWare was such a fun game back when the Gameboy was the ultimate craze among little ones (and still is).  While I can’t remember which system I played it on (most likely the Gameboy Advance or SP), I remember it was just plain fun with quick microgames that were fun for the whole family, which in this case included my two brothers and myself.

Ever since then, I’ve always been craving some other type of alternative.  We ultimately sold our Gameboys, and all our games fell into an unknown abyss in the middle of who knows where.  I’ve never thought about buying WarioWare: Smooth Moves for the Wii, and the alternatives on the App Store have been mediocre at best.

But then enters Crazy Test, a game that attempts to recreate the WarioWare experience on the iPhone.  It’s got everything from personality to style, and it’s been able to make me chuckle every once in a while, especially this one mini-game in which you have to steal a “vicious” girl’s balloons.

And while it has the personality, I’m not so sure about its content.  It has potential, but for now, it’s not enough to sate those needs.


Personality: I come back home after a stressful and tiring day, and I don’t want to play some intense strategy game that makes me even more stressed.  I want to play something that’s light, has some spunk, and makes me chuckle every so often.  Bring in Crazy Test, a game that has made me chuckle a lot more than once.  From the pissing panda to the little, vicious girl, Crazy Test is just one funny game.  There’s nothing else to really describe it, and for those with crooked minds such as mine, you’ll find this experience quite exhilarating.

Replay Value: I went through all 70 mini-games after about 1 hour of play.  That’s not too much game content there, but the OpenFeint achievements are what makes me keep keeping on, getting me to go through and achieve perfection.  If that’s not enough, there’s always the survival mode in which you have to complete as many games as possible with one life.  There’s achievements for the survival mode also, so it all balances out.


Sound: The sound starts to get pretty annoying after a while, and while I understand that it’s a micro-game, it does start to get annoying after 30 minutes of straight playing through.  For those playing in short spurts it shouldn’t bother you, but for those playing for long periods of time, good luck with keeping your sanity.

Micro-games: Some of the micro-games are very creative and well-made, but the one thing that’s missing is content.  I’ve played through the 70 mini-games provided in the main gameplay mode, and it consisted of maybe 35 games that were actually different from the others.  The other 35 were games that just got the difficulty treatment, meaning it was the same micro-game with just more stuff to accomplish/get rid of.  35 is definitely not enough when games such as WarioWare have hundreds of different micro-games.  It would be nice if the developer could add some more mini-games in upcoming updates.

Crazy Test has a lot of potential.  Like seriously, it’s crazy.  The current games provided are hilarious, and I’ve chuckled through a few if not a lot of them.  The only thing that’s it’s really lacking is more games, which would make this game one of the best WarioWare clones in the App Store.  For now, it’s worth a look for those looking for a few hours of enjoyment; nothing more.

Crazy Test was developed by Tactile Entertainment, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $0.99.

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