Some Extra Snooping: Screenshot for PES 2010, more Details

Pro Evolution is coming to the App Store, and I’m more than excited to see this appear in the App Store search.  For now though, it seems as if Pro Evolution is a ways away considering that Konami hasn’t sent out a press release for it and screenshots are sorely lacking.  Information is also pretty scarce, but detective Daniel (that’s me) did some snooping to find out more about this upcoming soccer game.

It didn’t take long to find Pro Evolution Soccer’s Facebook fan page, and it revealed bits of information that was lacking in the original PES 2010 post.  Here’s an excerpt from a note left by Konami on the fan page:

Already a massive success on home gaming systems, the iPhone/iPod touch version has been created by Konami’s Parisian development studio and has been designed to set new standards for the football genre on these devices. PES 2010 will centre on stunning 3D visuals to recreate the intensity of match-day action and will use a variety of all-new, innovative control interfaces.

The Pro Evolution Soccer series is renowned for its intuitive and realistic gameplay, and stunning AI and physics routines. PES 2010 for iPhone and iPod touch will share such elements, ensuring all the slick passing, first-time shots, and mazy runs that the existing versions enjoy are faithfully recreated. Similarly, this new handheld version of PES 2010 will also include key game modes, including UEFA Champions League (TM) and UEFA Europa League (TM) elements.

The note also mentions that PES 2010 will be available on the App Store by June 2010, which is just in time for the 2010 South Africa World Cup.  Also included in the note was what appears to be a screenshot of the game.   I could be wrong, as the screenshot doesn’t appear to show any control configurations, but it definitely looks like one.

And if it is, then my excitement has jumped to a whole new level.  And they’re setting the expectations pretty high according to comments made by Konami employees.

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