Hands-on with Dominion HD for iPad

Dot Matrix Interactive shouldn’t be an unknown name for many of us seasoned iPhone gamers, as they’ve released the wonderful KIL.A.TON for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which is by the way, on a $0.99 sale right now.  It featured online multiplayer, some sweet weaponry, and awesome visuals.

So when they sent along a preview build for Dominion HD, published by Chillingo, I was more than excited to see what Dot Matrix Interactive had in store.  And what they brought to us is an online multiplayer Risk-like game, including some bright, military-like visuals and a sleek user interface.

The only gameplay mode that I’ve been able to play is the offline mode, which features around 8 maps, 3 game modes, and a nifty game customization screen.  You will be able to choose how you want to place your troops, where, and what type of game you want to play within the customization screen, along with many other options that are small but plentiful.

There are also 3 levels of difficulty included in the game, so for those looking for quite a challenge, you can always notch up the difficulty to hard.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to play the online multiplayer mode due to the game not being out on the App Store yet, and the fact that I need other people to play online against.  The game seems to be built all around the online multiplayer feature, as the single player mode was hardly enough to keep me interested for long.

As of now, Dominion HD is an okay Risk-like title.  I would have liked some more maps along with some different game modes, and the offline mode is more of a quick play than campaign mode.  Lux DLX for iPhone has hundreds of different maps to play on along with some other noteworthy features, so it would be great to see Dominion HD be improved on the offline side of the game.

Other than that, Dominion HD is shaping up quite nicely.  It had me sucked in until world domination was accomplished, and it always felt good when it told me that I had won the game.  I’m eager to try out the online multiplayer once the game is launched, as it seems to be the main part of the game.

Dominion HD has already been submitted to Apple and is planning a May 17th release.  To make the images full size, just click on them.

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