[UPDATE: 27th] ‘Splinter Cell Conviction’ Release Date Revealed: May 24th

The super-secret spies/ninjas over at Slidetoplay have decoded the code on Sam’s New Mission’s website, revealing that Splinter Cell Conviction will be released May 24th, which should be just 10 days away.  That’s definitely good news, considering that we’ve been lacking in third-person shooters so far.

And while I haven’t had a chance to play Splinter Cell Conviction for the consoles or Steam, the iPhone version looks pretty kickin’.  Gameloft has also revealed the second trailer for the game, and you can check it out below.  For more information regarding the game, check out our previous article.

[via Slidetoplay]

Update: Seems like Gameloft has changed their minds on us.  Splinter Cell Conviction is now believed to be releasing May 27th, which is 3 days ahead of the originally announced release date.

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