‘Pro Football Evolution 2010’ Headed to the App Store

Footy fans have another reason to rejoice (or maybe cry for some odd reason?).  Konami has announced, along with Castlevania: Encore of the Night, that they are bringing the popular PES franchise to the iPhone.  According to the blog post by a Konami employee, PES 2010 will be similar to the PSP version, as they claim the iPhone has enough power to be a “small” PSP.

The good news for us was that we could use previous PES games for reference. And we quickly agreed that we should target the quality of the PSP versions. Firstly because we thought graphics on the PSP looked fabulous, secondly because of the iPhone’s processing speed and display capacities being potentially comparable to those of a “small” PSP.

And while they claim that it will be similar, they wanted to create a whole new game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  The raw words typed by employee as follows:

It was decided not to “port” the game from any existing version; we wanted the iPhone/iPod touch game to be its own special one.

It’s definitely exciting, with the World Cup closing in to a television or country near you (if you happen to live near or in South Africa).  I’m a big soccer fan myself, so I’ll be looking forward to some more details revealed later.

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