Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion Review: Give me Reason

Linkin Park is one of the more popular rock bands in this day and age, a time when rock has been compromised by labeling artists such as Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber “rock”.  But Linkin Park hasn’t thoroughly been tainted by this corruption, although I never exactly took the time to listen and download his music.

But when Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion appeared into the App Store, I became slightly interested as we both had something in common: the iPhone.  So after a few hours of finally sitting down and playing the game, I can’t help but feel mixed with a game such as this.  I found some songs by him that I did enjoy, but then again, this is a game right?


Artwork: Artificial Life did a solid job of creating both 8-bit characters and full HD characters.  The artwork was bright and flashy, detailed, and it appealed to the eyes.  That’s basically what I look for from game artwork, and Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion nailed most of the things I look for right on the dot.

Creativity: I thought the storyline was somewhat creative, although it seems to be a bit like Vay or Final Fantasy 1 in terms of “collect all the missing pieces to save the world”.  Still, other than that, I thought the storyline was well-made and was enough to engage you for a short time.  The conversations could use some work though, as acquiring lasers and knives seem to happen all of a sudden.

Customization: Character customization wasn’t VERY extensive, but it was enough to have me note this as a like.  There were many different types of hairstyles, body types, etc. to have you pick a character that looked good.  Because as with all people, you don’t want to look shabby when you walk out into the world.  You want to look spiffy and powerful, with Super Laser Guns of awesomeness; I think Artificial Life did a good job with making your character look fresh.


Short: I beat the game within 3 hours, which is not enough to justify a high price tag of $4.99.  If you want to stray away from the price to gameplay time comparison, then look at it straight up.  3 hours isn’t enough for a game period, no matter what you say.  Replay value isn’t exactly there either, as there’s only one mode and no other levels of difficulty.  After you beat the story mode, you don’t exactly feel like returning to the world of 8-bit and HD either.

Back and forth: Most of the game is moving back and forth, find this find that, and a lot of just busy work.  Some tasks are extremely monotonous, and at times I felt like just quitting the game and never playing again.  Teleporting back and forth doesn’t exactly appeal to those who enjoy more action.

Stop attacking me: There are NPC bodyguards in each part of town, and every single one of them has some ill-will to attack me every single time they see me.  This causes the phone to vibrate, and this happens even more when I’m surrounded with these annoying freaks.  Once you play the game, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  NPCs constantly attacking you is annoying and unnecessary; them attacking me with a taser while I have a flamethrower seems dumb right?

Crash: I’ve had the game crash on me a couple of times.  Maybe once or twice, but other than that, it’s been pretty good with holding up.  I’m not sure how this game will handle on lower generation devices, and it’s more than likely that it’s a problem with the game itself.

Controls: Meh.  Controls were okay, they weren’t the best, and they could still use some tweaking.  Attacking someone or something was hard to execute, and after completing the game, I still don’t know where exactly to press to trigger off a blast or boom.

Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion is a game that I didn’t really have any expectations for except for just a fun-loving game.  And with that expectation set, I played it and it didn’t reach it.  There’s nothing more I can say about this other than that for those looking for some action won’t find it here; you’re better off in space with Gameloft’s NOVA or fighting Italian soldiers in Assassin’s Creed II.  Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion isn’t a bad game by any means: production values are high, the story is creative, and the visuals are appealing.  But still, I don’t see the gameplay itself appealing to a lot of action-oriented people.

Linkin Park 8-bit Rebellion was developed by Artificial Life, and I played through version 1.1 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $4.99.

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  1. I found switching to the virtual pad better for controls accept in the final fight. But I agree with your review I guess if this purchase will turn out being worth while all depends on if they they live up to promise of more missions.

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