Origin8 Weekend Freebie: ‘Air Bear’

Origin8 has been one of the more notable developers on the iPhone, releasing titles such as Sentinel 2 and Space Station Frontier.  Along with that, they’ve released a slew of other casual games for, of course, the large casual gamer audience.  And this weekend is the weekend for one of them to go free, which in this case happens to be Air Bear.

Air Bear is all about collecting the rings and jumping up as high as possible.  You can say that it’s sort of like Doodle Jump with better graphics, somewhat more obstacles, and your goal is to collect as many rings as possible on your way up.  I would put it as something closer to Bird Strike, which is one of my favorite casual games.

Air Bear also has OpenFeint implemented into its core, so if you’re a fan of achievements and online leaderboards, this freebie should be perfect for you.

Please note that Air Bear will be free only this weekend and will go back up in price after Sunday May 2nd.

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