Super 7 Review: This is your Lucky Day

Alphabetic was/is one of my favorite games on my iPhone, and I can’t think of a day when I haven’t played it.  So when No Monkeys announced the release of their new game Super 7, I jumped on it right away, hoping for some similar results.  And while it isn’t as original as Alphabetic, it’s still pretty darn addictive, and the line-drawing aspect is only part of it.

Super 7 is all about math, thinking fast, and moving BAM BAM BAM.  That’s why you went (or are still going) to school: to learn your multiplication, addition, division, and subtraction tables.  If you didn’t learn these properly, Super 7 will definitely put you to the test, adding fun to a somewhat learning experience.

With that said, Super 7 is an enjoyable game with a competent achievement system, colorful graphics, and an infusion of OpenFeint.


Competition: Competition is surprisingly deep in this game, with your goal being to break the scores set before you on the top left-hand corner of the screen.  You have to break as many as you can through your game, and it’s a nice way to gauge where you stand in the OpenFeint highscore leaderboard.

If you’re not an online highscore type of guy, that’s fine, since you can compete against yourself through the local leaderboards.  There are also four categories to compete in, including number of 7s created in one game, how many times you broke the goal, and of course, the highest score achieved.  Any way you put it, there’s no doubt that you’ll be competing somehow someway, and even if you don’t have friends, you’ll be competing against yourself.

Achievement system: The achievement system found in Alphabetic has been smoothly translated into Super 7, and its a transition that was surprisingly smooth.  It allows for players to see how much they have left to reach the achievement along with some shiny new trophies sitting in the achievement room.  Along with that, you can access your achievements offline, so for this with iPod Touches, you can still know what your aiming for without online connections.

Fast-paced: The first two connections are obvious; a 5 and 2 along with a 3 and 4 appear (they’re random, but they all add up to 7).  But after that, you’re going to be hit with 1s, 2s, and a mixture of numbers swimming on the screen.  This allows for some edge-of-the-seat gameplay, and while it does calm down a bit at times, it’s mostly still an intense game.


It’s limited: Ehhh, it’s a line-drawing game; therefore, it should only have one game mode.  And while that somewhat applies, it would have been nice to add some variety to the game.  At times, I had trouble playing the game for more than 2 times in a row, and I wouldn’t find myself pressing that retry button.  As an achievement whore, I’m checking the achievements more than playing the game.

Super 7 leaves yet another positive check mark on No Monkey’s reputation on the App Store, and it’s a line-drawing game that’s both fun and crazed by achievements.  I’m a sucker for OpenFeint achievements, so when I see such a likeable achievement system, it can only go uphill from there.  Still, there were times when I got tired of the game after one death, but the competition in this game is just too hard to pass up.

Super 7 was developed by No Monkeys, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $0.99.

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