Orion Racer: A Miniature F-Zero in Every Sense of the Word

Racing fans know there are really only a handful of sub-genres to choose from when looking for your speed fix.  One tiny sub-genre is high-speed “futuristic” racing.  This category is most easily identified by the all time great franchises F-Zero and Wipeout. If you recognize either of those titles then you already know what you’re in for. Incredibly high speed racing that will blow your mind.  Orion Racer tries to mimic F-Zero in particular and does a great job at it.


Sense of Speed: Critical to this particular sub genre is the sense of overwhelmingly intense speeds usually at least 300+ miles per hour.  Orion racer captures this sense of speed flawlessly.

Size of tracks: This could be an area of contention among players.  Normally I would say that the tracks in the game are incredibly short and would penalize it. However, given the preferred short burst style of play for most the short tracks will be a welcome feature as a 3 lap race can be completed in around a minute and change.

Variety of track design: One of the best things going for Orion Racer is the variety found in each track. There are surprise turns and loops all over the place that keep the intensity of the race very high.


Number of vehicles: There are only 4 futuristic vehicles available in the game counting the one that is unlockable after completing a tournament.  Hopefully there will be updates to include new vehicles (and hopefully even more tracks) to help give the game more variety.

No Online Racing: A suprise and a huge disappointment is that there is no online multiplayer to be found. At least the developer has a nice view replays option for the top 25 online time trials.

Orion Racer is an incredibly good game. It’s only real fault is that it is incredibly short and with no online play it doesn’t look like it has the potential for longevity either.  I would still highly recommend it as the experience you get is outstanding, even if it’s short.

Orion Racer was developed by Techlogica, and I played through version 1.0.1 of the game on my iPod Touch 3G (OS 3.1.2).  The current price point of the game is $1.99.

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