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‘Pool Pro Online 3′ Goes down to Free

Pool Pro Online 3 is arguably one of my favorite pool games on the App Store, although the lack of motivation took a hit on the rating.  Still, the graphics, online play, and overall gameplay was very well done and one that I was totally surprised by considering Namco hasn’t exactly executed on the App Store.

But at the time of my review, the game cost $4.99.  Now, Namco has decided to put this game to free for a limited time in celebration of its success with its UniteSDK, an online social platform that allows community chat, online play, and more.  Since the launch of Pool Pro Online 3, the UniteSDK has seen over 2.5 million users and 400,000 downloads daily via Pac-Man Lite.

These are definitely some impressive stats, and it makes them even better when one of the better pool games on the App Store go free.  If you haven’t picked it up yet, I suggest you head down to the App Store and download it now.

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