‘Kick Ass the Game’ Now Kicking it on the App Store

Kick Ass, an upcoming movie, has gotten the movie game treatment through Frozen Codebase, who has released the fully-3D fighting game onto the App Store.  It looks quite interesting, in my opinion, although the screenshots on the App Store look to be more artwork than actual gameplay screenshots.

Still, it looks like an interesting game (and definitely an interesting movie).  According to the gameplay description, they describe it as more of a dual-stick shooter instead of fully 3D fighting, although they do mention that the game is story-driven.  I’m awaiting to get my hands on this title, and as a fan of dual-stick shooters, this isn’t exempt from my radar.

Kick Ass is available for $2.99 on the App Store.  Embedded below is the gameplay trailer, although the gameplay looks more like the PSP version than the iPhone.

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4 thoughts on “‘Kick Ass the Game’ Now Kicking it on the App Store

  1. Hey Daniel,

    I wouldn’t recommend picking this up based off of all of the complaints I’ve heard about it. People have said that it is quite possibly the worst dual-stick shooter on the Appstore, and that gameplay is absolutely NOTHING like what is shown in that trailer.

    It’s pretty upsetting to me because I was really excited when I first saw the trailer. Oh well.

  2. I dont care what people say cuz im a big fan of the comics and movie ihave on my ps3 but i cant take my ps3 anywere so i got this instead

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