Fruit Ninja Review: 5 Times a day Keeps the doctor Away

Apparently, ninjas thrive on every single type of food on the food pyramid except for one: fruit.  Hence the reason for the creation of this game, to enlighten those who were oblivious to this one fact.  Ninjas hate fruit.  Period.  And in this case, you’re the ninja slicing up all fruit in sight.

But that’s not all there is to it, of course, as a ninja’s life is always filled with suspense.  Whoever is deciding to tease us ninjas by throwing fruit also is putting us all in tremendous danger by throwing bombs in the air, objects you must avoid to achieve success.  It’s an interesting contest, a casual game, that doesn’t fall apart from start to finish.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game that kept me coming back for more.  And always remember folks, ninjas hate fruit.


Artwork: The overall, 2.5D cartoon artwork is one I’ve always found as appealing, whether it be Minigore or Sway.  Fruit Ninja does a solid job of presenting these fruits in 2.5D, and visually, this game isn’t lacking.  While I think they could have done a better job with brightening up the background and fruit remains, the overall artwork is impressive.

Coming back for more: Halfbrick Studios, while still being new to the App Store, have nailed the concept of casual gaming on the App Store.  With the implementation of OpenFeint and reachable achievements, Fruit Ninja had me pressing the retry button more than once within one sitting.  The pacing of the game is also surprisingly fast, so those looking for one minute of just solid fruit-cutting, look no further.

It’s the perfect casual: The perfect casual is the highest award I can give to a casual game, and it hasn’t been achieved by many games.  Of the 180,000 or so apps in the App Store, only four or five perfect casual games come to mind, with Flight Control and Alphabetic being on the top of the list.  Fruit Ninja can’t be described as anything lower than this: the perfect casual game.

Random: While there is just one game mode, each time you play through the game, it is completely random.  In one second, there could be tons of fruits flying through the air.  In another round, you could be waiting for as long as 30 seconds before finding any fruit flying through the air.  The random mix of fruit flying through the air adds much to the replay value, and I found that it added a surprising variety to the gameplay.


Hard to distinguish: When the game started to get hectic and fruit was being murdered everywhere, I found it difficult to distinguish between already sliced fruit and non-sliced fruit.  It’s a game all about speed and preciseness, and I was found frustrated at times when I found out that I was slicing an already sliced fruit.

Give me my points: It may be a problem with OpenFeint or the developer, but either way, I can’t seem to achieve the achievements.  Sure, the bar on top pops up, notifying me that I’ve achieved a certain achievement along with the number of points that achievement is worth.  The problem is that when I go to the achievements tab, all my achievements are locked with no points awarded to my account.  Again, this could be a problem with OpenFeint itself.  If not, then this is a noteworthy bug that should be fixed right away; I want my points.

User interface: I’m not a big fan of slicing through the buttons.  While creative, I think it would be less confusing to just keep it at tapping on the buttons.

Fruit Ninja is the perfect casual game that I thoroughly enjoyed.  While there are minor problems I stated above, it’s an overall solid appearance on the App Store and one that casual gamers shouldn’t miss.  Hardcore gamers may find themselves digging this game as well, as it sports an extremely quick pace.

Fruit Ninja was developed by Halfbrick Studios, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPhone 3GS.  The price is $0.99.

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