‘1112 Episode 02’ Submitted, New Trailers Released (UPDATE: Screens and Details)

Agharta Studios has finally announced that it has submitted its second installment into its adventure series, and after more than a year of waiting, this is some exciting news.  Today they’ve released a “viral” trailer along with the official trailer, and both seem to show some of the hand-drawn environments utilized.

There’s no doubt that Agharta Studios has fantastic artists, and they’re hand-drawn artwork makes for some of the best offerings on the App Store (see Rogue Planet review).  We’ll just have to see how the final build of their long-awaited 1112 Episode 02 plays, as beautiful artwork seems to be a given at this point.

So now that this game is in the hands of the Apple gods, let’s just hope they approve it quick enough.

Viral Trailer:

Official Trailer:

UPDATE (via Toucharcade):


Gameplay details:

  • All new advanced graphical design and artistic direction
  • 25 new larger than life environments
  • 14 new characters
  • Various puzzles, each with a specific gameplay
  • An incredibly responsive Multi-Touch user interface
  • Original score
  • Elaborate interactive narrative
  • Totally redesigned game engine

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4 thoughts on “‘1112 Episode 02’ Submitted, New Trailers Released (UPDATE: Screens and Details)

  1. Wow! Great to see this game coming back with the second episode, i’ll definitely get it 🙂

    Hope to see the 3rd episode before the end of the year though… 😛

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