‘Crazy Test’: Upcoming Wario Ware-like iPhone game

Wario Ware-like games aren’t unknown in the App Store; we’ve seen the likes of Team Phobic’s Micro Mayhem and IUGO’s A.D.D. But neither completely sated by Wario Ware appetite, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw that yet another Wario Ware-styled game was in the works.

This time, it’s being created by company Tactile Entertainment, and through my searchings in the abyss known as the App Store, I didn’t procure any games made by them.  But searching through their small Youtube channel did yield some results, and as seen by the videos they’ve posted, it seems like they were the developers for Pocket Creatures (removed from App Store), a quirky pet simulator for the iPhone.

But all that aside, the trailer for Crazy Test definitely had me interested, which features grown businessmen being changed into soldiers clad in their undies.  And you know that whenever undies are involved, something sweet is brewing, and admittedly, sometimes stinky.

It’s an interesting genre that has yet to take off on the iPhone, and let’s see if Tactile Entertainment can do what other developers failed to do, and that’s capture the audience for this type of game.

You’ll witness a few seconds of gameplay in the trailer, but they seem to be mere glimpses instead of the usual 5 minute gameplay sequences in an average gameplay trailer.

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