‘Fruit Ninja’ Released into the App Store

It isn’t everyday that you see an original game jump into the App Store, as there have been more un-original IPs than original.  Still, the App Store seems to be a place full of originality and innovation, and with the release of Fruit Ninja, my point seems to be more proven than ever.

We’ve heard of the Internet meme of pirates vs. ninjas, we pretty much all understand that ninjas throw around shurikens, and we definitely know that ninjas carry around swords that are also known as katanas.  Ninjas are also sly and sneaky, along with being able to blend in with the night atmosphere.

But what we didn’t know about them, according to this game, is that ninjas HATE fruit.  Interesting, huh?  Gameplay consists of slicing melons and fruits with your finger, and OpenFeint has been implemented along with some eye-candy graphics.  We’ll have a review up for the game soon, but for now, check out this hilarious trailer.

And when I mean check it out, check it out.  It’s great.  Fruit Ninja is available for $0.99.

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