Flight Control HD Review: Soar like never before

The iPad gaming market, I believe, is a totally new market for developers to pitch in their ideas, and while many games have been ported from iPhone to iPad, the iPad market is a new market whether you like it or not.  HD games will only play on the iPad; therefore, competition will only be against other iPad games.

Flight Control for the iPhone, after being one of the most successful games on the App Store, received some heated competition from the likes of Harbor Master and 33rd Division, but the HD version for the iPad enters a fresh market with little competition; only Imangi Studio’s Harbor Master appears to available for the iPad.

But with a bigger screen comes a bigger price, this time almost 5 times the price of the iPhone version, which is priced at $0.99.  And after playing through Flight Control HD, I’ll have to admit that spending that Abe Lincoln on Flight Control HD was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in purchasing a game.


New maps: Other developers, such as Gameloft, think that it’s totally fine to increase the graphics and charge $5 more for it.  This isn’t the case for Firemint’s Flight Control, as it features 4 new HD maps and one with the ability to look at it with 3D glasses, meaning that if you wear 3D glasses the map will pop out at you.  I haven’t had the chance to try out this map yet, but boy does it sound amazing.

Locate that plane: One of my biggest worries for a larger map (more than 2 times larger) is locating a plane that is about to crash.  If it only flashed red, it would be extremely difficult to pinpoint them when there are 20+ planes on the screen.  Firemint found a solid solution to the problem, and one that I am satisfied with.

High quality: Artwork wasn’t a problem for Flight Control on the iPhone, and it definitely isn’t a problem for it on the iPad.  It features the same level of high-quality, classy artwork along with an attractive user interface.

Two-player mode: I am the king of Flight Control in my household, and my brother refuses to play with me after I beat him a couple of times.  The two-player mode is something that is proven to work on the iPad, and Flight Control implemented it perfectly.  And because of the big screen, you can even work out some two-player co-op mode on the single player levels.

Flight Control HD is one of the first games that I cannot find a fault with.  The iPhone version was the same, and being an extreme fan of line-drawing games, Flight Control HD landed right at home with me.  Everything was executed to perfection without slack, and I enjoyed Flight Control HD possibly more than any other line-drawing game.  Competition should arrive sooner than later, but for now, this line-drawing game is number one.

Flight Control HD was developed by Firemint, and I played through version 1.01 on my iPad.  The price is $4.99.

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