Fox vs. Duck: An Interview with Tak Fung

This interview was made possible by Tyler, the lead of our forums.  You can find her as DGH94 on the forums, and you can also contact her at

Fox vs. Duck is the latest creation from the developer of Mini Squadron, so we decided to try and catch up with Tak Fung and see what his new title was all about.

NoDPad: Where did you come up with the idea for MiniSquadron and FoxVsDuck?

Tak Fung: I had the idea for MiniSquadron a long time ago, mainly taking inspiration from old shoot-em-up games on the Amiga such as Bip, Jetstrike and similar games. I wanted to take that and combine it with a Pokemon style “Collect-em-all” feeling to get people excited about all these little planes they could have on their iPod/iPhone!

Fox Vs Duck was a completely different beast, and it was a simple idea suggested by a friend and from a really old mathematical puzzle. The idea with Fox Vs Duck was to make a super simple game mechanic, and with a really distinctive style to push the boundaries of what I can do. We really want to distinguish this from the crowd and thats why we went for the super minimalistic approach.

NP: Any possibilities of updates to either of them?

TF: Fox Vs Duck will be receiving future updates with extra bits and pieces. Its such a small game that it’s really easy and fun to keep adding to it.

NP: Before the iPhone, what other platforms/languages did you code for?

TF: Before iPhone I coded games for XBox360, PS3 and PC. They all use C/C++ as the main language for coding, although I’ve used Python, melscript and various other languages for building tools.

NP: Any thoughts on the iPad? Followup: Are you thinking of creating any iPad specific games?

TF: I don’t actually have an iPad as I live in the UK, but my thoughts on it generally is that it appears to be a super nice “eBook Reader Plus”, and it will compete with devices in that sector, not with Netbooks. I may think of actually making some specific games once I get my hands on one to play with to get inspiration!

NP: With OS 4.0 just recently announced, what features are you hoping for?

TF: I’m fairly happy with my lot, I really dig the SDK as it is and to be honest apart form some general speed ups and optimisations I don’t really have that much to push for.

NP: Any closing thoughts?

TF: Just want to thank the guys who have helped support me so far, and that I will hope to continue to make even greater games and fun things! One thing is for sure – the iPod/iPhone will be my primary platform to develop for!

Thank you Tak Fung for your time!  If you’re interested in picking up Fox vs. Duck, you can find it on the App Store for only $0.99.

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