Deliverace Preview: Shiny new racer coming soon

The following preview is contributed by Tyler ( DGH94 ), head of the NoDpad forums.

Deliverace is the upcoming top-down, 3D racer from PixelBite Games, and a new graphical powerhouse for the iPhone.

Deliverace includes both single player and multiplayer modes. In multiplayer, you are pitted against other users currently online, similar to Cocoto Racing. Multiplayer is supported over Wifi and Edge. The single player includes four modes: Dirt Rally, Hot Lap, Delivery, and the Tutorial. Dirt Rally is basically any normal race, fighting for first place against five AI opponents. With three different difficulties, 4 different tracks with an option to reverse the direction, six cars, and three medals to aim for, there is no lack of replayability. Hot Lap serves two purposes. Similar to Time Trial modes in most other racing games, one tries to beat his best time, and thus earning medals. The player has the option to race his/her own best time, or the best time from around the world. While racing, two ghosts are present, best time overall, and best time this session. Parcel Panic anybody? Delivery mode is basically that, including all the crazy jumps, but this time a wagon is attached to the back of your jeep, as well as other traffic is present on the road. Trying to stay on the road, beat the clock, and deliver everything in one piece is one demanding job. Many people overlook the tutorial in most games, but in Deliverace, it serves a special purpose, atleast to me. It is a simple track, with some turns, a jump, and open land. I, personally, use this as my experimentation mode. This is the place to try new things and fine tune your driving. It also does a superb job at explaining the five different forms of controls. Both touch and tilt are used, providing a great array of possibilities; surely there’s something for everyone’s needs. In the options, tilt sensitivity, control method, music and SFX volume, and the option for a mini map can all be tweaked. With all this customization, how can one not find something for his/her needs?

The graphics in Deliverace are second to none, and yet performance remains superb, even on older devices. The cars are highly detailed; even the shading is accurate as any PlayStation 3 game. With such great graphics, let’s not forget the importance of music and sound effects. With music reminiscent of the movie Deliverance, and sound effects as accurate as if my grandmother hit a street sign in real life, Pixel Bite games has surely nailed everything down. The thing that’s shocked me the most has to be the fact that plastered everywhere is a message saying this is only an Alpha build, and that there are place holders in effect. I can only imagine in my wildest dreams what they are, because everything looks so darn good!

Deliverace is due any day now, so stay on your toes for this release. Discuss the game in our forums.

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  1. Now called reckless racing. Thanks for the info. Many items you discussed, I hadn’t heard before. Please tell me release date asap. Good article.

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