Warpgate HD Review: Out of this World

I’ve never been a big fan of space traders and such on any platform; they never hit me as interesting.  Outer Empires MMO almost caught my attention into the space trading genre, but in the end, it didn’t capture me enough to keep playing over and over.  As I’m more into action and epic storylines, buying low and selling high isn’t exactly my idea for a game.

But Warpgate HD took me totally by surprise, as it plays like no other space trader I’ve played.  The storyline, one of a conspiracy theory of someone trying to create war between the N.S.E. and the Ecclesiastory, is intriguing and easy to follow.  Dialogue boxes are well put together so that the player can follow along with the story, and much of it is far from broken.

Along with an intriguing storyline, the action is present.  While the fights aren’t extremely complex and fleshed out, it’s enough to have you sitting on the edge of the seat, wondering if your skimpy ship can defeat the enemy.  All in all, this is a space trader you shouldn’t be missing.


Graphics: The background environments along with the ship graphics are very impressive, and I never knew Freeverse could produce at such a quality level.  Sure, I’ve played some of their Mac games and enjoyed them, but Warpgate HD looks absolutely beautiful; it sure beats Gameloft’s graphics out of the water.  You won’t find many flaws with the appearance, and if you do, I will be surprised.  This is the best-looking game I have seen on the App Store so far, and it should stay that way for a long time.

Sweet beats: The epic battle song/background music is well-composed, and it definitely added to much of the immersion effect.  During a battle, the background music helped you to get into the cockpit and fire those missiles, and while you’re cruising through the galaxy, epic music will still be playing to keep you alert and on your feet.  I thought the audio was very well done, and it definitely adds a lot to the gameplay.

Tons of things to do: Warpgate is, more or less, and open world space game.  There are so many locations to travel to, so many planets to land on, and so many missions to accomplish.  I usually like to finish the main storyline before moving on to the extras, but it would take so many more hours to visit everywhere.  While some people may find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer size of Warpgate, I found it to be welcoming and one of the most expansive games on the App Store.

Tons of things to buy: You have a lot to do and a lot to buy.  Ships, weapons, commodities; this thing is packed with items.  I have no clue how many weapons, ships, and commodities there are exactly, but I can tell you that there are A LOT.  There’s a new weapon and/or ship on almost every single planet (which should be way over 100).

Content: You won’t run out of things to do in a few hours, let alone a few days.  Over 100 main missions should last you more than enough time to get your $7.99 worth out of it.

This is a steal: $7.99 will get you a premium game on the IPHONE. A premium game on the iPad has been set by EA as $14.99, and Warpgate is much more than anything EA has to offer.  If you look at the price tag as expensive, I suggest you go see the doctor to check out your eyesight.


Multi-touch scrolling: I might be doing this wrong, or the multi-touch may just be broken.  Zooming in with two fingers works perfectly fine, but when I’m trying to use my fingers to scroll left and right, it doesn’t exactly work.  I have to force my fingers to move the camera angle multiple times, and it usually refuses to budge much.  It does start to get annoying after a while, and if I’m doing it wrong, please correct me via comments.

Combat system: I think the combat could have been spiced up a bit more, as the one right now is more about monitoring your health and pressing buttons once they turn green.  The weapons themselves are impressive, but the combat could be improved with maybe no homing-missile system, a turn-based combat system, or something else that I can’t think of.  The current one isn’t bad, it’s just not good.

Earning the dough: Like the real world, earning money can be a pain.  Buying low and selling high is easy enough once you know where the cheap stuff are, but it starts to get pretty monotonous when you’re trying to turn $2000 to $10,000.  This is the “grind” part of the game, and while it’s necessary, I found it quite dull.

Warpgate HD is currently the best the App Store has to offer.  It has a few problems like I mentioned above, but the epic storyline, breathtaking graphics, and sweet battle background music makes this a game that’s unrivaled.  It would be nice if Freeverse updated according to the dislikes I had with the game, but again, Warpgate HD should be one of the must have games you need on your “magical” iPad.

Warpgate HD was developed by Freeverse, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPad.  The price is $7.99.

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