‘X2 Soccer 2010’ Details and Screenshots Revealed

We were just sent details and screenshots for the upcoming footy game X2 Soccer 2010, a sequel to the existing X2 Soccer 2009.  With X2 Soccer 2009 being the best soccer game of its time, we have high hopes and expectations for the sequel, and according to all the details, this should be a huge improvement from the first.

While the graphics are pretty much the same, content has been increased tremendously along with some other nifty things.  Here’s a list of the gameplay details:

  • Play More: With over 150 club teams, 30 competitions and the all new “Dream Team” mode.
  • Play Anywhere: Connect with friend or foe over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or online!
  • Play Faster: With refined controls and 3GS optimizations
  • Play Smarter: Against enhanced defensive and attacking player AI.

If you’re wondering what the “Dream Team” mode is, they continue to explain it using these interesting words:

In X2 Football 2010, we have introduced the Dream Team mode, where gamers will be able to enjoy a greater depth to the X2 Football experience. Whilst playing the Dream Team mode, users must use all of their footballing acumen to create their very own dream team. Starting out with an initial draft of players, poor in overall ability, users will compete in the multiplayer, tournament and quick match modes for tokens. Users can then “spend” these tokens to scout for quality players from across the globe to help reinforce their squad and build the ultimate Dream Team.

This definitely sounds promising, and I’m more than excited to get my hands on this soccer game.  We’ll have more news as they become available, but for now, check out the newly-released screenshots.  Expect it to launch at a price of anywhere between $7.99-$9.99.

If you’re interested in playing X2 Soccer 2009, there’s a lite version available to get a feel for what this soccer franchise provides on the iPhone.

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