Geometry Wars: Touch Review: Beauty of retro made Modern

Activision, in my opinion, is still a bit iffy when it comes to iPhone games.  Call of Duty: World at War Zombies costs a lot of dough, and the content on that game is questionable.  It’s still a fun game, but again, I can’t bring myself to believe it’s worth $9.99.  Geometry Wars: Touch, on the other hand, seems to be priced correctly along with added modes for the iPad.

And with many gamers that have already played Geometry Wars on the Xbox and other platforms, the iPad addition is purely awesome.  This game was one of the main reasons I wanted the iPad, and in my opinion, it didn’t fail to deliver.  While the sparks and explosion effects aren’t as great as the Xbox version, it should stop the craving for Geometry Wars on a handheld.


Graphics: Geometry Wars has always been about the sparks (from what I can remember) and the colorful, retro graphics.  The iPhone, surprisingly, didn’t have many games that tried to copy this retro look, and many went on to have different themes and characters.  The graphics, while toned down a bit from the Xbox version, are extremely well done, and Activision did a good job of making Geometry Wars on the iPad feel like Geometry Wars.

Controls: The floating dual-joysticks felt comfortable when holding the 9.7 in. device, and I was surprised at how comfortable it was holding it in my hands.  I didn’t think dual-stick shooters would work on the iPad due to the iPad’s large screen, but Activision really made it work in my opinion.  The floating dual-sticks gives a user freedom to move wherever they feel comfortable, and while the bomb button placement is uncomfortable, the dual-stick controls themselves are surprisingly very comfortable to use.

Plentiful game modes: Geometry Wars: Touch has a lot of games modes, about 6, and all of them are unique and different in their own way.  All were a refreshing experience, and it would be easy to say that each would be the equivalent of a $0.99 game on the App Store.  They add a nice touch of variety to a genre that has been overly repetitive on the App Store, and you shouldn’t run out of things to do for a while.

Ooooo… Fireworks: The explosions and fireworks are the effects that I’ve been waiting for in a dual-stick shooter, and Activision delivered.  It would have been horrible if they didn’t add it, but hey, I’m just happy they did.


Bomb button placement: The bomb button is placed in the middle of the screen, and reaching for that button requires a bit of a workout for your thumb (or whatever other finger you would like to use).  Through my playthrough, it wasn’t EXTREMELY uncomfortable, but it could have been placed somewhere a bit more comfortable.  Even shaking the device to set off a bomb would have been a viable solution.

Local leaderboards: For some reason, Geometry Wars: Touch doesn’t seem to have a local leaderboard.  It records the best score of the session, but once you quit out, you won’t find those scores appearing again.  Please tell me if I am wrong and am missing something, but right now, I can’t seem to find the local leaderboards.

Geometry Wars: Touch is everything a Geometry Wars fan has ever wanted, and to me, it totally lived up to the expectations I set for it.  The bomb button placement was a bit awkward, and I would have liked some local leaderboards, but Geometry Wars on the iPad just doesn’t seem to be a game that you can skip over.  It’s priced correctly, plays wonderfully, and controls nicely.  What more could you ask for?

Geometry Wars: Touch was published by Activision, and I played through version 1.0 on my iPad.  The price is $9.99.

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